Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Scene, Sukhumvit, Thailand

Ever since we landed in Bangkok, somehow we couldn't find the time/place to have authentic Thai food. so the 2nd night we were there, we insisted in finding a local Thai restaurant. we asked the locals there on where we can get local Thai food. fortunately one was quite helpful in pointing to us the direction of the restaurant, that was just down the road from where we were.... and the name of the place is called Love Scene... hahahha don't ask me why, i don't know :P

the front of the restaurant had the fish tanks (indicates they have fresh seafood) and the menu. but when we headed inside, we were somehow had to pass by the kitchen.. and the word dodgy came to my head. but surprisingly, the dining area was cozy, dimmed lights, interesting Thai deco, tv with the sports on, and a lil bar. there were even pictures of the Thai King and family pictures.

there were patrons having dinner there already when we arrived. the menu was warned out indicating that this place have been around for a very long time. they had of course the local Thai food and also western food.. they call it European food hehehhehe... but of course we ordered Thai. no words can describe, having tomyam in Thailand... da bomb i tell you!! and everything else that we ordered was good as well :)

what we had? the usual tomyam "red" seafood soup, steamed fish, a lala dish, and some mixed vege. the rice was hot, fluffy and fragrant, the food was good and so was the bill too! satisfaction!!! :)

i think if you google Love Scene Thai and European Food, u'll find the address somehow. it's definately in the Sukhumvit area, near a gym hahahah i'm sorry, that's all i can give you on the location :P

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