Friday, January 14, 2011

boat food at the Floating Markets of Thailand

every market has got to have some food being sold.. if not it won't be a market! so during the journey of the floating market, we saw different types of "food boats".. we only managed to try only a few.. wished to try more though...
anyway, here were saw some spices that was sold on the banks of the canal... and even a tea shop too! soo many types of tea!!

but of course when one is in Thailand, one must try the mango rice! and sure enough there was a food boat selling mango rice! and we shared a plate... we were too hungry that i forgot to take a pic OF the mango! hahahah too bad i got to share with you here of ME eating it! :P

you'd think the mango rice is enough? nooooo...... i had to try the pork noodle! managed to find a boat that sells it and quickly ordered one! the noodles are quite different. it's texture is like glass noodles (tanghoon) but it's not clear, it's like the normal beehoon yet a lil different... can't really explain... the soup was simple, very mild, light and refreshing in a way. good way to start the day with something light.. but i was craving for more types of food.. my appetite has started...

we also found this fried spring roll, they had some with pork and some without. we tried the one without. lovely! spicy and hot! just out from the oil! hahah... when biting into it, you'll feel a different type of texture to this fried poh piah... it's not like the one u're used to here in Penang. looking inside, it's because they put glass noodles in it!!! nowonder lah!!! my mouths watering now...

once we got our boat food, the boatman continued to go through the market.. we were wondering what are we to do with the bowls! he said just eat and when we're back at the jetty, he will return it to the lady.. waaa... now THAT's service!!! so while eating in the boat, i saw lots of food boats passing by, really wanted to stop and get some but there's too much to eat for 1 person.. so i had to let it go... half of the time i don't even know what they were selling... hahahahha

so when you get on this trip, try your best to try their boat food... no regrets i tell you! u'll come home a happy camper! :D

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