Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Kafe Memory Corner @ Pulau Tikus

Kafe Memory is a new eating outlet in Pulau Tikus. it's the corner shop opposite Ban Joo Lee (Kedai Runcit) and Penang Medical Supplies (PMS) and next to a ice-kacang stall. went there for a quick bite and to cool down on a sat afternoon. it was kinda quiet as there were no customers. as you know, no customers - food not so nice. but then again, the place was new and we were there towards the end of lunch time, so who knows, maybe they had better business before we came :)

the menu was simple, they specialised on ramen noodles, from chicken soup based to herbal to tom yam. two of us tried the chicken and tomyam... the interior is quite simple too. they were going with the olden chinese style of kopitiam, solid wood type of table and stools and wooden staircase.. clean, nice and simple

as you can see the menu was quite short and simple. the food too were simple. the only thing stood out was the tomyam ramen that we tried. nice and thick and spicy. it doesn't have the instand-tomyam-packet/noodle type of taste, it tastes like it's either home made or from a very good paste.. lol.... so it's worth coming back for again - especially those tom yam lovers! :)
oh, not forgetting, there were 2 huge prawns in it! so hope if you try it out u'll get them too! ;)

the chicken/veg soup based ramen was quite dissapointing though. my friend said it was kinda bland. she had to tambah touyu and pepper and some chilly for some taste, but then again, she's the type to eat cili padi in everything she eats, so yea... hahahaha... if u're the type who prefers soupy stuff and mild tastes, then maybe this would be nice for your taste buds... :)
anyway, i'd give them a few months more for them to settle down and get used to their kitchen (as service was kinda slow for a party of 6 of us - with NO ONE ELSE in the restaurant) and lets see if there's more to the menu and better service.
*no other pics of my friends food as it looked normal only...


Huai Bin said...

No one else in the restaurant eh? I kinda like that actually. :)

Shimmers said...

well we did go around 2pm or so, so maybe the lunch crowd had come and go... but after taking the pics, there were ppl coming in to fill 2 tables.. not sure if there were people upstairs...

can notice that when there's more ppl the staff goes kelam kabut.. hehehe