Monday, April 05, 2010

need to chill~!

so many things have been happening, most of it are unwanted stress. i always thought i was the cool-dude like my dad, nothing moves him, he'll just put a smile on and as if it was nothing. well i thought i was him cause only at that moment of stress i'll be stressed and the next hr or so or when the wave passes, i forget about it and felt like as if that was nothing.
every now and then, ppl would remind me.. hey, remember u were stressed when this this this happened? well i would remember the issue/incident, but i can't really remember how i felt when i was stressed at that time.. well i think u can call this tidak-apa attitude...
anyway, as years gone by, we naturally would get older. and when we get older, we have more problems, physically, our biological clock and body... i noticed that my body doesn't do well with stress. it all started end of last year, during christmas/new year. it wasn't the stress of planning the new years eve party (Lynn, don't get me wrong) but it was because of work.
i couldn't take christmas leave or even celebrate christmas with a clear head/heart because issues at work. it just doesn't make sense why i'm always having leave problems when i'm the only one that celebrates christmas. work was really giving me hell. and that left a mark on my health. since dec till now, in april, my menstrual cycle has not been the same before. i know it's natural for some but mine has been on the dot (28 days cycle) since i had it like.. 15 odd years ago!!
i know i should go to the docs. i sort of mentioned once to my doc but she just passed it off as stress and too much exercise... uh? too much exercise?? i stopped gymming since dec!! how can she say too much exercise? so i figured it was stress..
now i thought march was a stress-less month, no big events, no trips that needed ALs... but there were some commotion at work regarding ppl leaving and new hires and coverage. my old self would think that it was nothing, i was stressed abit but it was nothing MAJOR, know what i mean... and i thought april would be back on track... but i guessed wrong, totally out of the cycle-i see signs.... sigh... hope this coming hotel stay would bring down my stress level and get back on track of my cycle... :-s
i know this post may not mean much to you readers, but i just thought i'd post it up - for saja sake... :P

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