Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Clinic Cafe @ Seberang Jaya

now what comes to your mind when u hear "Clinic Cafe"? i didn't know what to think of! i thought "Cafe" was someones nama-glamour (fancy name) hence naming his/her clinic, Clinic Cafe... but no it's not, it's a restaurant, so say my cousin.

so the foodie in her (and us) wanted to try and to see what this cafe is about. it's in Seberang Jaya/Prai (opposite Billion/Sunway Carnival - same row as Roxbury). from outside, u won't notice anything fancy but when you go in, u'll feel like u're in a wrong place, cause it somewat looks like a clinic/hospital. the menu is very simple, normal expected type of food, no speciality by the cafe, drinks - the same as you can get at any other cafe.

so what's different with this place, it's the interior. the chairs and tables looks like half-cut hospital beds, some tables are made from aluminium (like an operation table), the walls have pics of the human biological map (or whachamacallit), then there's operation lights hanging from the walls/ceilings but they were not turned on. the waiters were dressed as doctors and nurses.. so that's interesting. and if u feel like sitting in a wheelchair - be our (or their) guest, they have wheelchairs to use!

now you would expect a place like this to have some what of a different type of menu or taste, unfortunately nada! takda! none whatsoever! we got to give it to them for using the kidney bowls and stringes as plates and cutlery... hahahha yea the stringes were used for syrup for drinks and/or sauses for the food...

tea with brown sugar in a stringe and banana chocolate milkshake

i think it's fresh orange and lassi...

ceaser salad

some deepfriend prawn roll/fritters

tomyam fried rice and chic wings

fish and chips

black pepper spagetthi

tomyam magee - tasted like out from a packet

everything was so so, there were no oomph factor, it's already a feat to get penang ISLAND people to come to the mainland but to have them try this kinda food.... oh boy u're in trouble - u'll never see them again. and it's not even cheap!! all that food and drinks came up to about RM100++
now, why am i reviewing this again?

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