Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MyviC TT - May 09

it's been a while since i went for the clubs TT, this time, i told myself to go, i owe it to these ppl to show up! they some sort fill my friday nites! hahaha if not i'll be home, dateless, watching tv, going online. so just thought i'd hang out with real ppl instead of ppl in screens.

so yea, we met up at Nasi Kandar Fantasi in Bayan Baru, then convoy-ed to Esplanade. i actually suggested that place, thinking we would just hang out by the sea and makan, but when we reached there, i remembered the building and everyone thought alike, to park near it!

luckily there were ample parking space for us, and we managed to arrange and park and take pics! check this out, black cars on left, white cars on right, and coloured cars in the middle. one observation we made was that there were 4 black cars and 4 white cars AND they were PH* plates! the coloured cars were PG* plate except for one Kedah plate car... chun right?!! hahaha

this time i brought Melissa with me, just thought she would like a nite out too :D

after picture taking, we were very hot as that nite had no wind! very humid. we wanted to go some place cool and in the end, ended up at McD Farlim. McD Green Lane is closed for reno and McD Gurney - no place to park... it was quite a good TT, didn't waste time, knew what was planned and had many turn up for it! nice nite guys!

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really enjoy dat night!!