Sunday, June 28, 2009


i'm at that age where ppl tend to get married, it's THAT duration of time. it starts from the ripe age of 18 till, well... 35? hahha i wouldn't know, but yea, past 2-3 years ago (and it's still going on now) i've been attending friends weddings, hearing and knowing of friends getting married, be it here, or overseas, colleagues getting married, some even have 2-3 kids....
you would just wonder how would i feel?
well, i'm definately happy for them, that they have found their life partner to share their life together, ups and downs, to bring up children, to grow old together and bottom line, not be alone. yes, i AM happy for them :D eventhough i may not have their similar fate. i know i'll meet my other half - some day. i guess i'll just have to live with what i have now, be happy with my surroundings and do good. i am trying to enjoy single life, i AM! :D
here are some pics of my friends who tied the knot, others, really sorry i didn't bring my camera.. but never the less, i'm glad that i was part of your happiest night and to celebrate your wedding!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!

Elaine Ee's wedding

Thana's wedding

Nooreen's wedding

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