Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheryl's Birthday

i'm so bad at this, blogging on something that happend 1+ months ago!! *shy*

anyway, it was Cheryl's birthday in May and we got together for some lovely buffet @ E&O. then to calm our full tummy's we walked around the hotel grounds and camwhore-d abit! hehhe... it was quite a nice day, cloudy at times, sunny at times, quite a relaxing afternoon.
later in the week or two (can't remember) we met up with the other dugongs for dinner! this was at TopTop, one of the houses behind 1-stop (Midland Park - does ANYONE still remember that place? LOL). this meet up was my first time having the gang try my cupcakes and also got cheryl a birthday cake! nice one!

Cheryl, hope u have a wonderful time with us and pigging out. hope we all can meet up again to catch up! HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!

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