Monday, June 29, 2009

Durian @ Balik Pulau

so June/July is the durian month! where the durians start dropping and mouths getting smelly.. heheheh... and this time, i'm around for it! missed last year as i was in KL...
anyway, i had 2 trips up to Balik Pulau for durian "buffet" at Uncle Johns place. 1st trip was with Cheryl and friends and the second was with Benji and friends. on both trips i took some pics and the fruits were my models, the humans were too busy...eating! LOL
i'll let the pics say for itself!

tht's Uncle John opening the durians for us
drooling yet?

then for breaks and to cool ourselves down, we "waddled" in the stream nearby, water was quite cold!!! it was a nice place to hang out
after durians, we headed for Balik Pulau laksa! yumm! on my 2nd trip, we went for Pasembur instead!

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