Sunday, July 13, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel?

as u have read, my dept is closing down and we are all found jobs in another dept in the same company, so it's either we take it or leave and find other jobs else where...
because of this bad news, i took it very badly... i felt very insecure especially on where i'll be going.. i was given a place in another dept, but it's not what i wanted... i guess there's nothing much this company can do for me as i've had enough in being in a call-centre...
fortunately after lots of crying, complaining to my loved ones and being so down on myself, i finally found a place - elsewhere... it's a totally new direction, new line of business and it seems interesting.. i'm 60% there (still need to do company health check-up), but i've also had a call for an interview elsewhere - this time, it's a position back home in penang.. so i'm kinda excited bout that... wanna see what's that about, if it looks good, very good, i'll come home! :D why not right?
(about staying back in KL, no probs, i'm not ready to go back home - YET anyway)
so yea.. i can say that i'm feeling much better and i thank (very much) to those who have been there with me... now i understand what has been happening to the ppl here as i've been there, just like them
the next week would be the week of running around, health check, interviews and finding ways in whole of KL/Selangor to different locations... damn! why did the petrol price go up again?

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zslayerz said...

Where ever u work, what ever u work as.. well the most important is u happy with it.. Dont be down..