Friday, July 04, 2008

Farah's Farewell

it was Farah's last day at the company, sad but it's alright, she's going to a much BETTER place = BAT! lucky her.. wonder when i'll leave this place...
so the four of us, Monica, Emma, Fendi and moi - finished work early and decided to jom place at Chillies, KLCC.. but because they couldn't seat half the party we sat at the bar, waiting for the rest. monica had to leave early (she works the graveyard shift) so she had her dinner - was a burger.... mistakenly, she finished all her chips and veg, got soo full, she couldn't finish her burger!! hahahah

by the time the rest of the gang came, it was more than what we expected, farah was quite skeptical that no one wants to see her off.. but we were surprised cause nearly the whole team came! i told her that THEY care!!! she didn't believe me! LOL

because there were MORE of us, Chillies couldn't accomodate us... so we went to The Apartment (downstairs KLCC, same floor as Domes on the opposite end). because guys will be guys, they had to drink. this time, it was my first time seeing a "beer-tower"... interesting... it says that one tower = 6 glasses... in The Apartment, one tower was RM99, we had 4!!! hahahah (mind you

somehow it looked like we had a colour-theme going on that night - all shades of blue!

newbie on the right - Farry, from Indonesia

new Cuppacakes recruit! Earl LOVED it!!! heheheh
and so did Azali!!! yeay!!

well to Farah, we wish you all the best, i'm sure u'll do great at BAT, i know the guys will be asking u for the free 2 boxes everymonth but hey, not me, for me, u'll have to belanja makan ye!! heheheh!! just be your happy self, you have good PR and u'll do well. trust me, u're in a much better place compared to me at this moment

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