Friday, July 11, 2008

Bowling Session - #2

because of Bowling Session #1, we dragged somemore ppl for a second session.. hehehe... this time we had extra 3 ppl joining us.. coolness!! we again had 2 games, this time they gave us 2 lanes... it was fun...
there was "stiff" competition between the two Penangites, in the end the guy HAD to win it.. but i think it was just pure luck, last try - 2 strikes in a row.. how la to beat that!! damn! hahahah but it's ok, it's all fun

the two penangites at a go

someone broke a nail

one lansi penangite on the right? hehehe :P

in the end, it was fun, there were foostable and guys had a game or two while the girls.. waited... patiently.... it was a school-day so, we had to leave early as we had work the next day, and also our monica here, works at 9pm...

we'll definately be doing this... if not with the guys, we girls will go again... i'm sure

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