Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bowling Session - #1

the 3 musketeers were bored and it was the last few days for farah at work, we decided to do something fun and crazy to let of "steam and depression"... so... bowling came to mind... we headed towards Berjaya Times Square and played a couple of games.
surprisingly, when monica entered our so-called names, it turned out to be S A D !!! hahahah how sad could that be!!! we were there because we're sad and that we wanted to do something fun to feel better! who knows, even our names turned out to be sad.. pathetic right?

we lined up, among the kids/youngsters (mostly young punks) and paid for our game, went to get our shoes and headed towards our lane... my shoe had holes at the side - very worned out... the others shoes were ok i think

its been a while since i went bowling, and it felt cacat bowling for the first time after so long.. but after a while, it was ok.. though i felt the place was old and worned out - lanes had holes, bowls had loads of scratches.... maybe i'm too fussy... hahaha

surprisingly i had a few strikes here and there, but it was all flook (spelling?)... i had no strategy or style even.. hahahah... but bottom line, we had fun making fun of each other and fun just being crazy... miss those girls already

after a hard days at bowling, i didn't have enough of the outing yet, i wanted to have a "drink"... since Times Square didn't have a place as such, we went to Pavillion, towards Carlos.... it was Happy Hour and monica joined me... it was good to have a cold Heineken... monica enjoyed it too. she turned red abit... me? of course la i turn red.. i always have natural blusher! hahahah i became very red very quickly because it's been ages since i drank..

then outside, celcom had some football promo thingy and we saw 2 guys on stilts... amazing but, they were abit cocky... anyway, since we were there, they were there, we had cameras ..... u know what happened next LOL

that was our first bowling trip... there will always be a second trip! watchout for it!


Anonymous said...

ala bukan x boleh tukar kasut tue,bolehkan..nak seribu daya beb..
mcm bola tue standart la nama jer house ball,kalau x nak calar beli la bola sendiri...

u pernah ker main boling...u tau ker aper makna lane had holes...i dont think so u know that...kalau u nak komen tue u have to learn the bowling system..

kalau lanes tu ader hole i x rasa u can play it..huhuhu

and after all..thks for bowling at BTS..

se u then for a second time rite...ciawww...

Shimmers said...

after your comment, u'd think i'll bowl at your place? tolong lah