Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CuppaCakes / WonderMilk

eversince rosie piggy (and review from KinkyBlueFairy) introduced these wonderful cuppacakes to me, i've been crazy over them!! lol... until i start to order them myself, made my friends eat them and forced them to say that Cuppacakes are lovely... hahahaha... and stalk them on FB and their blog...

so when they actually opened an outlet, i had to pay them a visit, and what's more exciting is that TC was around at that time and accompanied me there! even TC fell in love with the cuppacakes!! LOL

here's their entrance - there's smoking/outdoor area and the steps on the left is the entrance to the cafe

menu chalkboard / custom made wooden logo / cashier

our order for the day... hehehehe bottom right was a new flavour - lime/cheese thingy... (forgot the name of the flavour)

their cafe is also a place where u can buy their art... it's where artists (this is coming from the owners mouth) that have no where else to go, they come to Wondermilk and have their art being displayed/sold... nice small ornaments, hand made clothes, post cards, decorative displays and even jewellry and stationary... u gotta go there to see what they have.. i believe the stuffs there are being changed off and on...

i love this place as it is very homey and it's where u can actually talk and have good coffee or drinks with their wonderful sandwiches and cupcakes... i'm just looking forward for my next trip..

what's dissapointing about this place is that, it's usually full with people and their lack of customer service... u dun really get friendly smiles or staff ushering you in or out from the cafe.. but if u don't mind that... then, go visit them and see what they have to offer! :D

see the cupboard behind me, those are clothes that u can actually buy.. and also stuff on the cupboard and the frames on the right side of the cupboard

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