Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Delicious - The Review

have been patronizing this place for a bit recently and didn't really do a proper review... the best experience was the first.... and the trips there after that was... well, expected.... though, it's a place where u can't really go often in a short period of time, the food can be abit predictable...
anyway, it's a good place to makan, hang out with friends, have drinks, evening tea... it's cosy everywhere, smoking or non-smoking areas as both have nice cushion chairs or big huge pillows for u to be comfy....
what i love bout this place is the branding (curtesy of Wondermilk)... the colour theme, the concept... simple, yet very elegant, yet homey and comfortable.... i like!

notice the place mats are made from paper and it's embedded!! NICE!!
wished i could take one home!

i've taken more pics but somehow the last time i went there, i deleted them ACCIDENTALY!!! damn... that's so not me!!! sigh.. anyway, i'll still be going there when the budget allows me... :)

outlets i've been :
- Delicious Bangsar @ Bangsar Village II
- Delicious @ KLCC (it was at a building next to KLCC, next to Atenine)

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