Friday, February 02, 2007

the year of the pig

.. this year is the year of the pig right? i don't know if it's the pigs fault but i feel that this year is gonna be full of surprises and also LOTS of heartache.. it all started late last year and unfortunately, it's still going on... for myself, for my girls too! it's never ending!... the pain doesn't stop and i don't think it'll stop any sooner.... the least also, one WHOLE fcking year.... we'll be lucky if we can move on earlier than that....
it's been since nov and i STILL don't know where i stand.... - are we in or out....
on other stuffs
went to payroll today to check bout my pay, good news and bad.... good news- they have the CORRECT bank details.... bad news- my account is in PENANG... soooo..... it takes 5 freaking working days to clear the money PLUS, 26th was a friday with the weekend AND yesterday being a public holiday - i'll only get my pay either coming monday or tuesday! *cry*

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