Friday, February 02, 2007

how's the weather....

how is it like in penang ppl?
here in KL... it's weird.... walking on the streets at 6.30am... freaking cold - cold winds.... not the lame type but the big big type where your hair goes everywhere and skirts (if u're wearing skirts) would fly.... (stop gawking guys!) and the wind dies down when i reach town at 7.30 am, only lame wind.... then i wouldn't know how the weather is like for the whole day... just a lil hint from lunch which will be very bright and hot but i'm not sure if there's wind.... then at 5 something, that's when i come out from the office, the wind starts.... and it continues to blow till at night.... and IF i stay out late and come back on my own at 8+pm or 9+pm, walking on the street back home is as freaking cold as it was at 6.30am.....
* which is good... i like wind... i like cold.... am NOT complaining here... :)
so, how's penang like?

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