Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reunion overdue pics

the party started abit late, cause bbq was not ready even at 7pm... so everyone was mingling around and catching up with everyone else...

told andre to draw something on the white board and this is what he came up with... but soon after Sharu (Audrey's kid) was bored and showed her drawings on it...

designed by Andre Reutens (before Sharu's input)

so while we were waiting for the BBQ to be done, we started off eating the inside food.. as u can see the dinner table was full! we had Dominos pizza for the kids mostly and the FAMOUS Reutens macaroni, satay, Hamedyah Briani rice and loads of different types of drinks... but somehow no one seemed to "thani" that night.. yes we had beer.. but... no major drinking

indoor food

BBQ was done by Cheryl and Edzil, helped by the rest who wanted a "bbq smoked facial" and wanted to play with fire... i tried my hand at it but i was in charge of games and the kids were bored... so i had to get some games going for them...

outdoor food

so then everyone started to eat and the BBQ was half way done... the chicken was lovely and the ribs too... too bad i didn't have 2nds... and for desert - what we had was in the pic below... can u guess?

guess what this is?

one of the games i had for the kids were "dress up", had a grown up assigned to each kid to help with the dressing up... and guess who was the judge and time keeper? it was Esther! hahah.. she was having a blast!

who were the participants?
Kelly with Audrey
Max with Cheryl
Sharu with Aunty Lillian
Ian with Andre
Emma with Carol

kids dress-up game

and what a coincidence, it was Aunty Lillian's birthday too! and Lynn surprised her with a bouquet of roses! lovely! Aunty Lillian was soo shocked!! heheheh

SURPRISE Aunty Lillian!!

other than the kids games, i also prepared a Treasure Hunt for the adults with the kids... everyone enjoyed it but had feed back that 2 of my clues where... wrongly done.. sigh.. oh well, as long they enjoyed the game that's good for me... u could have seen them, running all over the house! hehehe... i had clues outside in the garden, cooking area and in the hse...

then there was So You Think You Can Draw? (adaption from So You Think You Can Dance?).. it's actually Win, Loose or Draw lah... first it went well, but somehow my clues were not familiar and somehow the game died-ed

i had another game which was Passing the Parcel but it was getting too late and everyone was getting tired... so finally we had the birthday-cake-cutting ceremony for Aunty Lillian...

(cake made and iced by Max & Kelly - it was lovely!)

when everyone was enjoying the cake, those who had cameras were just snapping pics away, trying to get everyone taken for memories.... here's one good one...

one hell of a stressed out Anna! heheh

finally, we all took a group picture as always... took a few for just-in-case purposes... and at the end of the night, i gathered everyones memory card of their digital cameras and burned them into cds and gave each and everyone a copy... so that everyone will be able to see the pics! cool eh? it was good to have everyone make it to Penang and to meet up again... good to know that family is still around eventhough the old-ones are not around.. hope the next one the aussies and the english would be able to come too! heheeh



earl-ku said...

fuiyoh the curut looks go gangsta man ... hehehe

Shimmers said...

heheh.. i know...

but nah...earl.. (have to burst your bubble)... it's a family thing to make everyone think that she smokes... by putting cigarettes/cigar/pipes in anna's hand and take a pic...

she's such a good sport to play along with us.. hahahah

KittyCat said...

Your family reunion reminds me of the ones my family used to have when I was little...

What a happy family! God bless.