Tuesday, July 10, 2007

cheap palms!!!

*for IT tech supports....
Disclaimer : If you are to follow these palms in this post, please beware that it is your OWN responsibility on the outcome of this usage. I will no be responsible for anything that has happened to u (fired or kena scolding or warning letter). This post is mearly a joke for entertainment - should not be taken seriously. I'm serious.
Clear your internet cache!
There are all kinds of nasty little buggers and malicious content that could be in there damaging your PC. After clearing the cache, make sure to wait 30 minutes for your computer to re-index itself and adjust to the new changes.

Reboot in safe mode!
Safe mode is a diagnostic mode. Its almost like running a dedicated IV-Line to your computer, once in safe mode, allow your computer to run for approximately 1 hour in that mode.

Flush your DNS!
Well, no wonder silly! You haven’t applied the system cleanse to your machine. Websites like CNN.com that you are trying to look are constantly being updated to keep you up to date. Without having your DNS flushed frequently, how are you supposed to download new content from the webserver?

Disable the firewall!
Having a firewall is like having a giant condom over your computer. It is essentially the root of all evil, and is preventing you from doing what you WANT and NEED to do. Disable it, restart, and be sure to allow the appropriate power down time for the firewall (approximately 30 minutes).

Disable your anti-virus software!
To immediately fix your problem, you have to disable your Anti-virus. Honestly, would you pump tons of antibiotics into your own bloodstream 24/7/365? I didn’t think so. Allow for 2 hours for the anti viruses to dissipate.

The bounce-back blame!
Can’t you see, the bounce back message clearly states that the message was not sendable to the recipient, this means that his/her box is currently down. Please consult with the person you are trying to send to and have them fix it.

The famous format!
If you have run through our knowledge base on known fixes for this issue, we are going to have to format your hard drive. Simply plug in the start disc that was provided with your PC and follow the on-screen instructions. Once this is complete, your computer will run like brand new!

Reboot your system!
The system reboot is to the PC, as Windex is to the universal cure-all for everything. Would you go without sleep for days on end? Thats right, neither will your PC. Let your PC rest for a while and reboot it.
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earl-ku said...

uhhh .. never heard bout the part where u need to wait or put it in that state for some time though ... hahaha

"...Allow for 2 hours for the anti viruses to dissipate ...."


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email from fauzi actually ...

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