Tuesday, July 03, 2007

follow ups

follow up 1
my poor baby need to go back to the clinic for the last follow up.... just hope by the end of that session everything will be as good as new....
follow up 2
the reunion.... i'm in charge of games... and hehhhe drinks... i do know what to do but i'm still having a headache on the clues/rules® of the games and the setup of it... just hope it goes well. as for drinks.. hehe depends on what D'man will be bringing back! hehehe... can't wait for the food too!! it's been a VERY VERY LONG time since i had a proper bbq....
follow up 3
the people are probably in penang now.. will call them at lunch to find out! miss them lots from the last time i saw them.. kids must be grown up now!
i'll be going back to penang on the 11th night (after work) - anyone wants a ride to penang?
and i'll be coming back to kl on the 15th - anyone wants a ride to KL?

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