Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a wet KL

i'm sure u have seen on the news and in the papers about the major flood in KL.... well dun worry, i was not affected. lucky was that on monday, i was scheduled to work at 6am!! yes! i know, just like ol' hell days... so i went to TTDI to my godma's place for the night so that my colleague could fetch me from there at 5.30am! *yawn*

then we reached work, there was no sign of flood, i guess they have already cleared the main roads.... then at work, i heard bout the news... i was like... i didn't see anything, i didn't know!!! then i went about my day and forgot about it...

when work was over, i was walking to the Masjid Jamek station and that's when it struck me that that area was the major flooding area!!! i could see the flood "lines" that was as high as my chest!! yes! that high!! and looking around, all the mamak shops, 24-7 shops were messed up and all the indian shops and restaurants all damaged. DBKL was cleaning the streets with lorries filled with rubbish and the workers all sweeping and cleaning the mud... yuck!!

so i was lucky i didn't take the normal time to work as ppl were stuck at the station and can't walk out because the streets were full of mud... oh well, when it rains cats and dogs here, got to watch out around masjid jamek area....

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