Wednesday, June 27, 2007


just going through my counter stats of what ppl search for and was brought to my blog....
- 4 from the list of 25 searches, readers are brought to my blog when they search for "One Night Stand"... hahaha so it looks like, ppl are finding for one-night-stands over the net! O_O
- few times readers are looking for Edzil Pacaldo- OOITT Ed!!! u very the popular ah!!!
- few searched for serani and eurasians
- most was from my name, my surname and shimmers
- few on Juru-Auto City, Queensbay Mall, Chillies and TGIF in Penang....
- surprisingly some on Damiral's Grill..
it's fun to see all sorts of searches ppl search for and it comes to my blog... guess my blog is multi-search-proof... :P

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