Thursday, June 21, 2007

the love i have now...

on satuday, i got him! i finally got him after waiting for long!! i can't believe i finally have him and he's mine all to myself!! i'm so proud to have him!

i'm happy now that i have him, so far his doing good to me.... i brought him home on sunday and i'm so glad that i have him now... he somehow gives me my freedom and yet is always with me. i love him so much!

i've brought him to meet my godma and she likes him too, i also introduced to luke and well, luke doesn't really bother..but do likes his company! i've yet to introduce him to the family yet, i guess i've been busy and haven't had really time to do a proper introduction... maybe i will tomorrow after work

it'll be our first weekend together and i hope we will be able to spend sometime together and getting to know each other... can't wait to go on adventures with him.... especially at times like this, i really need him to be with me and support me during these times...

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