Friday, June 15, 2007

Simple Pleasures - hampers

Simple Pleasures
presenting you one of their hampers...
it's full of lovely deserts!
(i've yet to try some of them! ehehhe)

yupers, the family has this business and one of their products are custom made hampers.. these hampers can be filled with whatever you want (depends on what products they have la) and how much u want to spend... RM50, RM100....etc... and for whatever occasion that u want it for...
so here are one of their orders, the customer wanted food-stuff so it's full of food... and each hamper is Rm100.. cool aint it? i think they're lovely... it's good for ppl who don't know what to buy for ppl, or have no time to go shopping, customers can just call the family, discuss with them on what u think you want and they'll come up with something superb for customers... no doubt! :)

so if any of you, my dear readers are interested in their hampers, give them a buzz at the emails below... and i'm sure they'll come up with something good for you! ;)

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