Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the year that was

should i make a list like rosie did? maybe not, brain's too tired to think... but all as i can say that it's been a VERY VERY wild ride....
been over the sea, getting used to my job in hell, heard bad news bout ppl, had good news bout ppl, been closer to my friends, learnt to appreciate my friends and REALISED that i have wonderful babes, had a wonderful birthday, didn't get drunk though but had equally lovely time, travelled more on my own without depending on ppl, doing the things i've wanted to do and the MAJOR events happened just a month or two ago.... 1) i lost... and 2) i GAINED a life changing decision..... was stressed bout the whole thing but as where i am now, it's all good... it's been a balance, u can't have EVERYTHING, u need a balance, u lose some u gain some (though i hope what i lost, i could get it back again...)
so, lesson learnt, though sometimes, u get stung from life, u heal and u move forward.... :)

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