Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Winter Warmers, Penang

i've eaten at Winter Warmers a few times, the one in Gurney Plaza and the one in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Prai. i got to know bout this place for their tea-for-two sets. hmm.. don't know why i didn't take any pics of the 3 tiers! hahah next time i will.
anyway, after some time, they came up with meals, and fusion food. it's not THAT bad, but CAN be better. what i like about this place is their English style deco. they have many types of English tea, with milk, black tea, ice-blended, iced.. and also varieties of coffee too. and also, they server their teas and coffee in English styled cups and pots! so sweet!! i think the famous drink here (i see alot of ppl drinking it) is their fruity tea, where it's mostly punch-like type of drink, mixture of fruits with pulps and fruit bits. for me, its alright, but i'm an actual TEA drinker so i'll always go for tea. :D

here's a fusion set, vegetarian baked rice (with croutons) with pasta

i think this is baked spaghetti

i think it's another baked rice! lol
their spaghetti bolognese

caramel tea! lovely cute cups right?

tuna pizza.. yes they have pizza too!

a kind of milk tea-can't remember (and in the background its the fruit tea)

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