Monday, May 04, 2009

LongBeach @ Perhentian Kecil

just realised i didn't post my pics on my 2nd Perhentian trip with my cousin Tom! i'm sure those who are on FB would have already seen it, but dun worry i'll put the best ones here!
this happened somewhere in March. Tom was around, had a week or 2 to spend here in the north of Malaysia and i had like 4 days off, so heck! we went to Perhentian! and since i've been there with one of my best bud, i knew the likes of getting there and moving about. same way, we got up early morning, drove the Kuala Besut, got on the boat and headed to Pulau Perhentian!
Tom's "bible" said the best for backpackers and had more young-er ppl was at Perhentian Kecil, so we headed there to LongBeach - Perhentian Kecil. too bad we didn't see any elephants on the way there.. sorry Tom!

on the boat heading to the island! yippie!

lovely water!

doing the handstand!

as usual before a holiday, i always do my research, on how to get there, where to go, where to stay, prices...etc etc.. so i had it printed out and in my head roughly on what is to be done, unfortunately, when we got to the island, the place i thought it would be lovely AND affordable, sea facing and stuff... was burnt down, the whole lot of chalets were burnt!!

so, we had to find for the neighbouring chalets to see if they had available rooms, which were quite hard as some how that time, everyone was holidaying there and everywhere was full. thanks so much to Tom, he went around somemore to find a room, i was too tired, carrying my bag and walking in the sun, in the SOFT sand! u know how hard that is?!! finally he found a room in Moshin Chalets, had to climb 4 flights of stairs just to get to the room, BECAUSE the rooms were on so-called stilts facing the sea from highland... sigh, but it was all good, this trip didn't make me feel guilty for missing gym, cause with all that walking and climbing stairs! that did it! LOL

our first night, dinner was lovely, i tell you! LOVELY! i'm drooling just typing this. i had the best bbq fish EVAH!!! RM18 for bbq fish, side veg, potato, fruit and drink! not bad what! so the pics shown here is what i had - BARACUDA!!! with percik sauce, and my cousin, he had SHARK!!! with sweet sour sauce. i had a bite at the shark (that sounded... err funny) and i loved how it tastes! we ate in silence!! hahahah

the time we went, it was full moon! the sight was lovely! and Tom was to be at Koh Phang An for the full moon party the next month!! i couldn't go because no more flights!! aarrgghhh.... but it was ok, i went to Dubai instead! LOL. but i'll DEFINATELY go there one day! just for the full moon! anyone interested?

the beaches were lovely, just like how i remembered the last time i went there (to Perhentian Besar).. this time, there was SUN! and it was HOT! love it love it love it! my favourite place right now!!
we did a half-day snorkeling trip, the guy took us to coral bay, turtle bay and shark bay... i did abit of the coral and turtle. i didn't do the shark site cause i sort of scraped my knee while going into the boat from the sea! and was bleeding! blood and shark - do not go together! damn the boat! it was like a piece of flesh/skin just peeled off from my knee. it's healed now but there's a scar. anyway, i'm not a good swimmer and at shark bay there was nothing to see except go swim to find the sharks, so, i stayed on the boat, just like the first time. i don't like the deep sea and i dare not go far away from the boat, so that's y i pass on the shark site. Tom did see a few huge ones though! hahahha good for him!

just loooook at that!!

i HAD to!

it was a great relaxing 3 days, we just lay on the mat on the beach, slept, talked, drew (yea i drew abit but in the end, it came out to be too childish, kinda hated it), burned, talked somemore (mind you we didn't talk cock - we did abit, but we had deep, mind bogling talks too - thanks to Tom! lol), thanks to great company, i felt more like myself, and relaxed...
when we left, the morning we were about to leave, it started to RAIN!! not piss rain but CATS AND DOGS!!! rain! we were drenched walking from the room to the beach to get to the boats, and even the boats were not really water-proof, we had sea and rain water splashing on us during the whole journey back to the main land, luckily my bags didn't really get wet (only the bottom) and i still had decent clean clothes. changed into them, got abit dryer and started to drive back... even Perhentian was sad to see us leave!!!
gosh! lovely memories, lovely place, had a great time Tom, thank you for following me on this trip. Missing you lots! and to Perhentian Kecil - I'll BE BACK!!

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