Friday, October 31, 2008

Stop Island

just had to get away from routine, so i planned this trip with BC, would have loved to go with Sharon too but, well, she's like a million miles away in white man's land.... so, babe? come back soon then we can go together... ok? on?

anyway, i dealt with Ping Anchorage, the travel agent i found on the internet and managed to locate them in Prai and they suggested Tuna Bay. check out their website for the packages. some ppl said it's cheaper to go on your own, but i think what we got was a good deal, and we didn't need to go through the hassle of finding a place, worry bout food, cause everything is included in the package...

we left beechoo's place in butterworth at 5.30am and started to head east.... and it's amazing that on the way there, we actually crossed 5 states!! Penang > Kedah > Perak > Kelantan > Terengganu!! Cuti-cuti Malaysia!!

the journey through Banjaran Titiwangsa was interesting, we saw signboards asking us to be AWAS because of elephants crossing.. who knew, we saw 2 at the road side, having breakfast!! it was our first time seeing wild elephants!!! :D we stopped to take a pic.. and this was the only pic cause after this, they started to charge us and we had to quickly leave!! so scared they'll attack us!! what an adrenaline rush!!!! but i'm so happy we saw them on our journey!

one of our stops on the way, it was one of the stops at the top of the banjaran and because it was morning, it was really cold!!! 20 degrees or something... cold!! brrrr.....

finally we reached. we were so hungry, no time to take pics, we checked in and ate... this pic is when we already changed and ready to go on our snorkeling trip!! Welcome to Pulau Perhentian!!!

relaxing after the snorkeling

we were shocked by this lady, but then again, we were the only malaysians there (except for the staff)... so guys, this pic is for you! hehehe LOL :P

what is there not to like, breakfast by the beach!!

a must have pic - can-see-feet-water!

finally the sun came out after 2 days!! sigh.. catching some before heading home

and it was time to go home... sob sob.. will definately come back again!!

So for more pics, check out my Facebook albums Album 1 and Album 2


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Dang, I need a holiday!

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