Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black Canyon @ Jusco Perda

Black Canyon's HERE!! in good ol' Bukit Mertajam!! lol! hahaha the first time i saw Black Canyon, it was actually in Dubai while visiting my cousin... the outlet in Dubai was not that bad, food was great, they even do delivery! it's one of my cousin's fav take out restaurants...
then after a few years, they had another outlet in KL, i got excited i told my cousin... but somehow, when i was staying in KL, i never had the chance (or even think about it) to try out the outlet in KL

so here they are in MY hometown, in MY favourite mall!! it's now one of my favourite makan places... been there... 3 times already!! LOL, mum's bday, my bday with Jess and Brian, and Godma's treat to me and my parents!!... i've yet to bring BeeChoo and TC there.. i'm sure they'll love it! (SHARON!! when u come back, u must come here!!)
they have 2 big ass menus, one for the food, one for drinks... their speciality is actually their drinks, they have different types of coffees and yogurt drinks and cocktails (no alco).. here i've tried their Mocha ice-blended and mocha float/frost... it was ok.. kinda difficult for me to enjoy cause i'm not a coffee drinker... i do like their fruit yogurts/coctails... they have Chaingmai blast or phuket blast... can't remember the names, but they were cute and funky!

this place is actually a fusion type of food, more towards Thai but then they have the usual steaks, salads, soups.. and of course rice-dishes type of Thai dishes, fried rices, noodles... they're not too keen in the deserts though, quite dissapointed in that actually.. but over all, whatever we ate here.. one word! WONDERFUL!
i'll let the pics speak for themselves :D

green curry pasta

fried rice wrapped in omlette (nasi pattaya ler)

american fried rice

thai carrot salad - thom sum (i think that's what its called)

fried spring rolls

below were dishes we ate with rice...

mixed meat with tofu wrapped in omlette

sweet sour chicken

i love this - cashew chicken

ok, so i know u're drooling now, go.... go to Jusco Perda, ground floor infront of Big Apple.... so since they have lousy deserts, why not go over to Big Apple and end your meal with some lovely donuts?


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