Thursday, October 16, 2008

doing japanese with the MyviC gang

another meet up with the MyviC gang... though i was working, i met up with them after work.. since i already ate my dinner, this would be my supper (or 2nd dinner as what Simon calls it) heheh... food pics below was what they had before i came... missed it! looks yummy!

spicy tuna... yes, very very spicy, they left 2 for me.. hahaha was suffering abit

normal tuna spread, was ok la

they left 2 dumplings for me, quite ok, though it was soft by the time i arrived

some pics of us :D

#my usual Japanese outlet was always Sushi King, i was introduced to that place and never dare to try other places... but this time, i've tried this Sakae Sushi (in Queensbay).. not bad, they have other/more varieties in their menu... price wise, not too sure, about the same i think.... think i'll go back there for a proper meal, anyone care to join me?

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