Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Big Apple @ Seberang Prai City

the first time i step into Jusco Perda (AEON Seberang Prai City) i saw BIG APPLE!!! omg!! it has finally arrived in Penang!! what's more exciting, it's in BM!! hahahaha... goodie!!! was soo excited, i smsed my gfs.. ahhaha....

so i got some and ate at the outlet itself, cannot tahan! hahaha... but what's confused me was that they served my tea (tea was good) and served my donut (cinnamon) on a serviette!! i mean, shouldn't they serve food on plates? not on paper?? i asked the supervisor there, he said, no, they don't do plates... hmm... wonder if other Big Apple outlets do the same thing... i mean, if they have put the donuts in paper plates, or even paper pockets (like Aunty Anne's) i don't mind, but they put it on serviettes!

and they have free Wifi!my donut on a serviette

then i just HAD to tapau some for my old folkes! hehehe

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