Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vienna Bagels - KLCC

Vienna Bagels is in KLCC - i think it's located on the 3rd floor, wou would be able to see it if/when u're walking around KLCC shopping.
the "bagels" looks like the donuts u see in J.Co or Big Apple... looks yummy and i thought i'd try it.... what was surprising is the prices!! 3 for RM10!! the varieties there also... so so.. not that many... no one seemed to be buying as well, i guess it's because of the prices...

so i took a bite and it was really like bagels.. i meant, it's not donut type of feel but it's more like Aunty Anne's pringles type.. nice, filling, sweet.. and expensive... eventhough it was nice, i don't think i'll buy it again, i would rather spend my money on J.Co or Big Apple.. hehehe

the box was nice but weird to hold if u have 2 or 1 bagel left - no balace! LOL

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