Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ampang Superbowl - Berjaya Times Square

suddenly the girls wanted to release tension, thought bowling should do it.. so the nearest and decent one would be the one in Times Square.
it's been a while since i went bowling but it did bring back memories! hehehe
this place is ok, it was filled with people, mostly youngsters (punks and girls in pink but trying to be gothic type), then you have the veterans with their own balls and gear, very serious yet they still look like they're having fun

lanes were quite damaged, u don't actually see the polished, shiny look but u see "worn" out lanes, where there's mini mini holes in the wooden-flooring. though the balls looks colourful, they're actually faded and worn out too....

prices? well, i can't really remember the prices back in penang, but at this outlet - normal days (off peak) it's RM6 per game - unless you're a student with a student card, it'll be much cheaper, shoe rental RM2, socks... can't remember

i guess at the end of the day, it's the company (or your game) that makes or breaks your bowling outing. i'm not too sure though if professionals like Shalin comes here to bowl... hmm....

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