Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nyonya Colours - The Gardens / Mid Valley

this is some shop in The Gardens that acclaims it's has the most original Penang/Melaka food... yea... right... since we all were hungry and had to find a Halal place, so, decided to try this place at The Gardens... i'm still craving for penang food even after i had Madam Kwan's a few days ago
*note : this outing was about a month ago

the interior was nice, homely, though nicely-coloured-like-my-clogs stools were a bit too small for my big bum... but the food... sigh.. a big dissappointment... they were selling the instant rempah that u can see everywhere in melaka, u can see containers of the so-called famous Gurney Drive rojak sauces, then there's all the nyonya kuihs in the display.... but... sigh.... shakes head...

bubur cha cah - not nice - no taste

rojak - horrible even to KL standard!! Little Penang's rojak tastes MUCH better!

(haven't tried Madam Kwan's though)

nasi lemak - think it's ok, my friend was full so couldn't enjoy the food

supposedly laksa lemak - but it was more of curry mee...

so... would i go back there again? NOooo!!! i suggest you spend your money at Madam Kwan's or Little Penang.... regret going to this place - Sorry Nyonya Colours!!

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