Thursday, November 27, 2008

CBM - 10 years reunion for Class 5C 1998 - PICS!!!

sorry for the late upload for pics.. but infact they're already on FB.. just didn't have the mood to blog... anyway.... here's the link to the photo album in FB
we all met at Seoul Garden in AutoCity... waited abit for somemore girls to come and in the end 12 turned up!! so since we skipped lunch, we started eating away!! hahahah... it was a new experience for me as this is my first time there (though i've been to bbq steamboat elsewhere in penang)....
we had loads of catching up, chatting, laughing!! and all i can say, its great to see that we still have out F5-ness in us!! never change la wei!!! hahahha... oh, and thanks to u for translating for me.. *paiseh*

everyone that came! thanks girls for making it :)

then after dinner, we wanted to hang somemore and thought of starbucks... but, they didn't have enought place for us.... in the end, we ended up in an empty Sega Fredo's... i don't know whay that place is sooo quiet, usually that place is happening...

there, some of us had drinks, some of us had coffee.... and MORE talking and cam whoring!! hahahha

at bout 11.30pm-ish it was time for us to head home, some of us had work the next day, some had hubbies to go home to, some had babies to go home to, one was pregnant... and the others were just too tired from being out the whole day from work till dinner....

tata for now, and i hope to see u girls this sat at the main YEAR 1998 reunion!! keep in touch ya!

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