Wednesday, March 14, 2007

work at TGIF's

the whole team FINALLY decided to go to TGIFs.... everyone had their own ideas on where to go and half the team were located in PJ and half were in the opposite direction.... but in the end, it was TGIFs in town....
so here's some crazy pics we took...

crazy Noreen and me.... she loves to camwhore! hahahha... aren't we all :P
this is our dept (in the background) newly renovated on the 24th floor... looking out u can see the KL tower, pudu, Maybank tower.... i just LOVE the height!!! though the air con sucks!!! boss ordered 4 stand fans.. still not here yet.... hot hot hot wei!!!

Quenton and mua... it was his last day (one of the reason for the makan too...)
very nice guy... will be missed alot by the whole team
(is it my eyesight or do i look thinner here?)
half the team reached TGIF's and some were stuck in the ever-oh-so-famous KL jam... the ones that reached first were the guys who drinks, so they "started" first.... it was chance to be out, so i had my Long Island Tea.... rosie, the one here more KAU wei!!!! O_O and even before food came i was already feeling extra happy! hahahhaha
anyway, the others came and everyone was so bising... making fun of each other and just having a great time.... then we all started to order, no one knew what to eat, since we had a budget to follow, RM40+ per person, so i had BBQ chicken.... wonderful i tell u..... (but i think Chillies would be better...) and it's HALF a chick! then suddenly everyone was standing and tasting everyone's food!! ahahahah! boss1 and boss2 came over to try my chicken and while they did that, i went to try their fish!! nyeh nyeh nyeh!!!

aahh... with the Canadian bastard! hahah that's wat big boss calls him! cause he does dodgy stuffs (nah.. joking).... Winson was in Canada for most of his life... just graduated and came back home...

with Raymond (half Eurasian) and Malisa aka Lisa - Raymond's a new Tech lead, smart ass and Lisa's sweet and quiet, but when she talks... heheheh

crazy pic.....Quenton and Noreen (oh btw... Noreen is a pro player in Paintball!)

part of the group....

everyone was getting to know each other, on my left was Andrew, he's some fella, he was in Notthingham Msia and went to Notthingham for his final year... he was telling me all his thani stories there in UK.... great fun!! hahhaha and everyone started telling their bad "episodes" of drinking....

then on my right, Winson.... chinese msian but stayed in canada most of his life, went there when he was 9 or something... not too sure... and he just came back after graduating... he too had his own fair share of stories to tell.. heheheh.... how are the odds in having 2 canadian ppl (or the fact ppl who went to canada) in the team? hahahha

after makan, it was desert time... some of us took the set, so it came with desert.... quite nice, the portions are HUGE so everyone was sharing..... *pics on TGIF food will be in the next post

... blur yet "impossible" azali.. he pervs EVERYTHING everyone says!! u can't get a straight answer from him!... and very cheerful and talkative Farah....

i think the whole team just loves to camwhore!!

smartypants and canadian with macho Donovan - such a gentleman..

Lisa and Fairul - funny guy (look at the cheesecake! huge innit?)

ooooo... here with Khoo (boss #2 (on the left) - supervisor la... staying in Sri Gombak.. sometimes he sends me home AND brings me to work on Saturdays - cause i work at 7am! where got bus?!) and Eddie - BIG BOSS! and very techy and knowledgable (on EVERYTHING!)

Khoo mabuk dee... can't get a last decent pic with Quenton before he leaves, he HAD to masuk campur and put his head in the pic!

toasting to the 2 agents that will be leaving.... YAM SENG!!!! if u look closer, u can see my hand on the left - hidden

here's Zaki who came in to the dept the same time as i... has 1 more week before he leaves.... sigh....

so after makan, dessert, it was toasting time.... had a short speech from Quenton and Eddie (boss) insisted of us to bombard him with questions, PERSONAL questions! hahahah... u can just imagine la what questions these ppl will ask! hahahah..... anyway, he's leaving to go to his dream job, so we're happy for him, sad to let him go cause he is one of our best agents, taking about 40+ calls in 12 mins!! when he leaves, his calls will all go to us... :(

then it was Zaki's turn, he too gave a speech, quite a touching one too cause i came in together with him and for the first few weeks he was my only friend..... so it was sad to see him go... but then again, he's off to a better job so we're all happy for him.... everyone was saying that aiya, he's the only one who's "NOT supposed to drink, but is drinking" leaving.... boss said, for ppl like that, they should hold the beer glass using their left hand! wtf? O_o

by 9+ ppl started to go home, cause it IS a monday and there's work the next day, can't stay out late... all in all, it was a good outing, good that i got to know my fellow agents better, and we were in a more free-like environment.... not so tension.... esp with boss, heheheh... but it's alright, he's a cool dude...

now, lets see where will we be going next month or so... heheeh... chillies? boss suggested karaoke.... noreen and boss suggested paintball.... hmm.....

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