Saturday, March 03, 2007

the train

i take the train daily.... EVERY SINGLE DAY... except for sundays la... train TO and FROM work... so somehow u will meet or recognise some certain ppl....
practically half or nearly all commuters have plugs in their ears, listening to dunno what music... some earphones let others hear them too cause the volume is on max.... then some sleeps in the train and heavily "nods" at ppl... those are quite irritating especially when u sit next to one... then u have some "itchy" ppl, staring at every single female on board, i'll usually try to distance myself and ignore him... then u have the foreigners and their look says, "what the hell am i doing here!" and then again, u get those white guys holding and hugging asian girls like they have been in a relationship for YEARS only hearing her telling HIM what is what in malaysia.... then u have students, elderly ppl, mostly working ppl and sometimes beggars.... i sat next to one beggar and OMG!!! the smell!!!! unbearable!!! i had to move seats.... then u have ppl pushing and shoving u just to get in the train! they even cut the q! yes, they now have a q to get in the train.... it's mostly at "happening" stations la... the lonesome ones, no q....
it's been 2+ months, and i've figured where to stand in the train without getting squashed.... the trick is to actually get that spot!
it's funny, what u see on tv about malaysian ppl on trains is the same thing that i see here.... and i seriously hope i'm not one of them, or at least TRY not to be like them.... but i guess as long as i take the train, i AM them..... oh, how i miss the easy life in penang.... though not the traffic la... hehehe.. so far, i haven't been stuck in KL traffic yet - i DON'T drive, remember.... damn!

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