Friday, March 23, 2007

random pics at work

*disclaimer - pics took with Noreen's camera and i think Farah's camera too

this is Andrew (at our new place - 24th floor), the one with many thani stories stated in my TGIFs posts - also writer for MakanKings

heheheh for my NEC babe - here's boss#2 aka Khoo! his "aussie" name is Jarod it was 2nd day CNY tht's why he's wearing the chinese top

oh, and for my other babes.... here's Raymond... heheheh (at our new area on the 24th floor)

at the 25th floor, it was a lil makan do to celebrate the new newbies and Quenton's bday
here left to right, jessie (she left), lisa, noreen, lydia (she left - my first friend at work), farah and muah!

lydia and farah

quenton and his cake

white guy, Zoran from the aussie branch, came over to train the newbies. here with khoo on the 25th floor

me and noreen - told u she was a camwhore!

me and my dual flat panels babeh!! on the 24th floor

fauzi - who didn't come for the TGIFs dinner

lawrence from miri, sarawak - very quiet guy (unavailable girls)

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