Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuffs in 7-11, Bangkok, Thailand

you would think the 7-11 down the road from your house is the same from the 7-11 in another town or in another city or country. i sort of thought it will be quite SIMILAR but when u come to Thailand or Bangkok to be exact. it'll make you go O_O hehehe literally. ok lah, i'm ulu like that.. hahahah y? well if you know what is in store in a 7-11 in Bangkok, you should know what i'm talking about right?

i let the pics tell you...
you can literally have a full course meal in there! from appetizers, to snacks, to main meals to desserts and of course drinks! they have the instant rempah, instant rice set meals, noodle meals, fresh meat like ham, bacon, sausages.... even a microwave for you to reheat the food... and... get this... PORK!!! hahahahha and that's what got me to O_O with :D

if i could, i could just shop in here, like as in, grocery shop... hahahah tell me bout your 7-11 stories... just as good as the one i went in Bangkok?

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