Friday, August 07, 2009

Nyonya Cafe @ New World Park

Nyonya Cafe is located in New World Park in Penang. this place serves homemade nyonya food and it's wonderful. i ate there twice myself and both times never dissapointed me :) the pics below have been taken quite a while, and i'll try to name the dishes for you.
here are some pics of the interior, very sweet, homely, good for gatherings, family reunions...
anyway, enjoy the pics, i know u might wanna pay them a visit tonight for dinner.. heheheh

choon pneah - fried spring rolls - to die for!

some tau yu dish
ju huu char (left) and mixed veg
acar awak - pickled veg

assam curry


assam fish curry and tou yu bak - BOTH are yummylicious!

kang kung belacan

assam fish curry

and for dessert - this is cendol!

this is bee koh moi - black glutinous rice with coconut milk
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