Friday, August 07, 2009

Danzity in Penang

there's a cool dance studio in town (at New World Park, Penang) and it's called Danzity! it's been founded by my schoolmate Grace and her partner Sean! i don't know much bout the dance community but here are some quotes from their site :)

'Danzity' comes from the fusion of the words DANCE and DENSITY which relates to the art of expression through music and body language and people.

Why we exist
- to be a network for dance enthusiasts and dancers to connect and share the common passion
- to enhance the standards in the local dance industry through hosting development and training programs
- to offer dance classes, workshops, seminars and other wholesome activities to promote a healthy lifestyle through dance

here they sell hand made caps - all HAND DRAWN

reception/counter area

so if u're interested in taking some dance lessons, check them out! they have some beginner classes to more intermediate ones of all kinds of dances.

More info :
New World Park 1st Floor Lot E6, 102 Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang
Email: ,
Contact no:012-4129272, 012-4259272, 012-4881699

that's Grace! :)


Grace Chiam said...


appreciate it so much :):)

Love ya

Hey drop by i'll buy you dinner :) hehehe or coffee or both

Shimmers said...

lol.... i just realised i didn't really take pics of the studio itself - the dance area! was more focusing on the caps.. hahahah

next time i visit u i take more pics ok?

glad to have helped abit, but i don't have much traffic here ... but at least something right?