Sunday, August 09, 2009

Foh San (dim sum) @ Ipoh

Ipoh is know for it's dim sum (other than their white chicken koay teow) and when me and my friends were on the way to KL, we decided to stop by Ipoh for breakfast. and with recommendations, we found Foh San! and it seems the day we went there to this outlet, they only had opened it's doors 3 days ago! so it's all brand new and somewhat clean! hahahah...
we were told that Foh San started of as just a normal dim sum coffee shop down the road long time ago and now, it became a "mansion" 3 lots, double story, nicely renovated with air-con and such... wow!! not forgetting food quality and taste is still good!

the cashier area is still empty with deco.. i think it should be nicely decorated by now...

portions were quite huge and it was lovely. sorry not many pics, was too hungry to stop to take pics ! hehehe.... y not you go there to try out yourself? Enjoy!!

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