Saturday, March 07, 2009

quick updates

just a quick short updates on how i'm doing... not bad cause i've got some "distractions"... first up, over-the-sea cousin came for a short trip, it was good to have met the both of them (missing the kids though.. ) and having adults only around, lots of subjects were covered... hehehe...

first, i just had to make that trip to KL again, just to "refuel"... i did feel better after that trip as i've did some serious spilling to some victims... i really appreciate you guys for listening, that's what i needed...

as usual, i paid a visit to Albert for detailing, then some ol friends, then of course the Dlinkers (or what's left of it), then finally met up with a FB "poker" friend (regretted not meeting earlier when i was in KL)

of course, i had to visit Urbanattic, i think that's gonna be my hangout spot in KL! :) that night i went (with Monica) it was Fashion Flirt, first time attending a fashion show and sitting just AT the catwalk! how cool is that, but then.. i don't really fancy the clothes, it's abit TOO colourful for me and i bet they don't have my size, so i'm not bothered... company was great, managed to meet up with Monica for a while and of course Luna, Ramesh, Chocky and some from the gang.

with Monica

with Luna

then before i left KL to go back to Penang, i fetched my cousin Tom from England another over-the-sea cousin. so he, my godma and i all went back to "Middle Hill" together in my humble whitey :)

tbh, i was kinda nervous in meeting Tom, cause he's only 18+ and i have no idea what 18 year olds like to do and/or talk about... but because of our frequent FB messages and sms's i got comfortable with him and yea, he's such a fun guy to be with - he makes me feel young!! O_O hahahah...

and back in Penang, as USUAL when over-the-sea relatives come to visit us, we the Penang family, will ALWAYS bring them out to EAT!!!!! yea man!!! not one meal, two or three, but EVERY HOUR! hahaha (ok maybe i'm exaggerating.. a lil... hehehe). i think i'll let Cheryl to tell the makan story!

with Tom at Swatow Lane aka New World Park

at Gurney Drive hawker stalls

the 3 cousins!

because my working hrs/days are abit weird, i got some free time during the week, so Tom's been handed to me from Cheryl and family... hehehe... and since they were feeding him non-stop, i decided to starve him instead! hahaha nah... i meant, i'll let Anna wow him with her cooking this time. yea, eversince Tom reached penang, he never tasted Anna's cooking!!
and! since he has yet to visit Batu Ferringhi, i brought him there to soak up the Penang sun (and for myself too!! hahaha bad idea actually, cause i got burnt in 3 hrs or so!!)

Tom's having some sum boi

the cam whore at work! LOL

yup i made him do hand stands!

AND... it seems like it's starting to be a tradition, i took him to SS (Slippery Senoritas). tradition you asked? well.... few years before, his elder brother Terry paid us a visit, i brought him clubbing (the Cafe.. i think, i can't remember) then, later when his elder sister Talullah came too, i brought her to GLO (at The Garage) and now!! i HAD to bring Tom clubbing (cause if not, it'll be unfair to him) to SS!... i think he enjoyed himself, but i know the drinks are teeny weeny bit expensive...

at SS
it's been swell, meeting up with Lynn, with my KL friends, ol friends and new, AND Tom! they have been great, they've been supportive, layan-ed me and took my mind of things. i really appreaciate it, and i thank all of them for it. i do miss my current friends though, but then i guess the timing's not right as they have something on going for them.. but i guess i'll see them.. soon.. i think, i hope...
it's been a month, and i never went a day without missing you. yes it will take a very long while to move on and stop missing you but i'm still glad that we had our time and memories together and i'll always cherish that. it's gonna be hard for me at times but i know its something i need to go through. i will always love you and i pray that u're safe, well, and that good things will happen to you...

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