Sunday, March 29, 2009

bits and pieces

here are some pics taken over these few months. enjoy!
(seems those photo albums look like blog posts!.. oh well.. like they say, a picture can say a thousand words...)

Chinese New Year
- before, during and after
- short KL trip
- MyviClub TT
- CBM 98 reunion
- dinner with parents

Healing journey
- dinner with the cousins
- KL-Urbanattic and Datacom peeps, and new FB poke-er friend
- arrival of Tom and the start of sun-tanning
- brief meet of friends from 8 years ago

my FAVOURITE place with Tom
- Longbeach @ Perhentian Kecil
- happy with the sun tan

more outings and makan with the English people!
- Tom's farewell lunch
- the Church's farewell dinner and "pudding"
- swim and tea @ Rasa Sayang

next up... i'll be on a jet plane soon!!! :D

ohh... and
Happy Birthday Pauline! Hope you had a great time! Really miss you loads!

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