Sunday, March 01, 2009

hoping that dose would last

my trip to kl was splendid, saw the team i adore, caught up with news, saw noreen and lil one in the tummy, saw an old friend, went to the spa, detailed my car - it's CLEAN again!, caught up with the gang from Urbanattic AND finally saw my english cousin after all those FB wall-to-wall messages!! LOL
it was very hectic, driving half the time, stuck in traffic but it was alright. familiar friendly faces, familiar places... but something was missing this trip - KL food! yeah, i didn't indulge in the food here, no bloody time!!! in fact, when i came home, i lost 1kg!! O_O
but having my cousin with me, the penang family will be feeding him like nobody's business and at the same time feed ourselves, so which means, i can say hello again to that missing 1kg! sigh... oh well..
how am i feeling? still like that la.. it will all come back when i'm alone, at this moment, i'm glad that my cousin's here, cause he takes my mind off stuff, he's been great... i'm just afraid of the day he leaves, who will then take my mind off stuff? just hope i won't be back to where i was about 1 month ago, i still can't do this alone...

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