Saturday, May 17, 2008

other than food @ Melaka

of course there's many many many more pics but here's some .. thought u ppl would like to see pics other than food .. hahahah i know u guys must be thinking of going to melaka soon, right? :P

stuck in traffic - heart of melaka town

we were late for lunch - Seafarers club

waiting for our thong sui - imagine we're having thong sui in melaka!! ahhahaha

waiting for our ikan bakar food for first dinner in melaka

happy, full stomach faces! LOL

somewhat like Gurney Drive in melaka

uncle preparing the keluak for next day's lunch

shopping heaven! wonder if Hang Jebat liked shopping? hmm....

content with gula melaka filled chendol!

up and about melaka historical town - weather was hot as ever...

the senget (crooked) church - becky said it was built by St. Senget! heheheheh
can you see the senget-ness? *hint - tilt your head to the right..

satay celup that makes your smile - literally!

finally sitting down after walking up and down Jonker's Walk shopping... all with tired legs

waiting for lunch - me had to pay bills... hahaha...
done eating - yes, still got left overs!!!

with grandmama nyonya!

aaawww on the way home...

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