Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Melacca - Thurs nite dinner

dinner was at Alai Ikan bakar, not too sure where but we had to drive abit, and it's inside some kampung with pond/river... it was dark, was not too sure, but i know that there was alot of water around. the place had a few makan shops (think - seafood at Tambun) so we went to one, and had to pic our seafood and tell them how we wanted it cooked.
i just told the "experts" to get some fish and squid and it's up to them on how they want to cook it...

in the mean time, while waiting for our food, we had some otak-otak muar...
then the fish came, yummers! and u're supposed to eat it with nasi lemak!!
ikan pari
sweet sour squid / sotongbamboo lala - interesting taste/ able to taste the sea
then, because this is our food trip, we wanted to try as much melaka food as we can, so after dinner, we went to Kota Laksamana for supper!! hahahah... Asam Pedas fish!! u eat it with rice, salted egg and some veg.... i was full, so i just took a few bites, didn't really like that particular fish - too bony for me

then at the otak-otak stall had a sign for Satar
- so the package shown above and the inside is below
so after that, we were stuffed! cannot go on anymore!! and it was about nearly mid nite already.. we then headed home, luckily we had GPS if not we would be lost - we did get lost a few times, but just a silly mistake, no major ones.. heheheh....

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