Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Melaka - Fri nite dinner

our second dinner started at 6pm after having a long day at St Paul's church and hill, the Stadhuys museum, A'famosa and tea at a new mall in town
we went to Capitol Satay celup (should be around the corner from where we were..) when we were there at 6pm, half the shop was full (not to say the shop is big) and by the time 6.30 pm came with the 2nd half of the group - ppl were already LINING UP outside the shop, on the main road!! mind you!!! what a sight!! that really shows that the food is good... and i agree.. it IS good!!
i regret having that drink in the mall, i was abit full when we started to eat dinner, but i did LOVE the gravy...

the gravy is like your satay gravy / peanut gravy but this one has extra spices and extra peanut which makes the gravy rich in flavour... lovely!! i could just "drink" the gravy just like that! hahahah - really!! you got to try to know it

and they have big ass prawns!!

size comparison and the "before" pic - top
the "after" pic at the bottom

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