Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a CHOICEe trip to KL

here's some brief pics of the trip i had with some CHOICEes. this was planned quite some time ago and we were kinda excited towards the date! (more pics are on FB actually.. hehehe). so who was on the trip? there's me of course, there's SuSee, Irene and Fiona Tan (yes, another Fiona, we had a difficult time coming up on ways on how to call the 2 Fionas differently.. but in the end we managed to get through 3 days without changing out names! lol) AND we met Monica in KL to join us :D
so first stop, Ipoh, for Foh San Dim Sum. it seems they just opened their new HUGE outlet few days before we went and it was packed!! even on a Friday morning (8am i tell u!) but no regrets, it was lovely, though it took some time for the carts to come to our table, we had to "self service" if we wanted to eat.

after breakfast, we went to KL, Irene's brother picked them up and went on their way while i sent my car to Alberts for detailing and had lunch with Godma, we went to Gubba Gumps!! i've always wantes to go there!!! lovely prawns!!! i ate the whole 3/4 pounds of prawns by myself!

being at The Curve, i HAD to get my cupcakes @ Cupcake Chic!

so after lunch, after getting my car back from Albert, i headed off to USJ to meet Miqael! Noreen's new born! and that was the first time i saw a 3 DAY old baby!! omg! he's soooo small!!! i was too afraid to hold him, and it was just a calming effect to see him, just sleeping, feeding.... sigh.... (no, my maternal instincs did not kick yet ok! anyway i'm very FAR in getting my own)

then after that, i met up with the girls and Monica and had dinner @ Carl's Junior, gosh!! i miss those burgers! AND also met Farah!! it was good that all of them could get along! what a crazy bunch!

the next day, we went to Shah Alam to see the lovely Devine Mercy Church. thanks to Caroline in showing us the way and the stories of this church. nice and big and its air-conditioned! :D and after sunset mass, we headed to The Curve to Italiannis for some dinner!!! there were no place inside so we ate outside, was kinda hot though, but we all had fun and lots of food, Farah was in the neighbourhood joined us again. we also met Andre!! another fellow CHOICEe!

after dinner, we promised ourselves for nite out dancing, drinks and music (since we didn't get any the night before)... so we went back to our hotels and changed and headed towards Beach Club. thanks to my friend, he got us in for free from the back and had a table waiting for us at the VIP area! sweet!! so no crowd, no sweaty armpits, no drunkard horny bastards trying to pick us up! though somewhere through the night there was a fight, one of us felt uncomfortable and wanted to go home... so we sent her home to the hotel and the rest of us continued at Urbanattic! luckily it was still opened, cause it looked like it was about to close, had some drinks there and played some pool... i suck!

The Beach Club


so the next day, Monica and i just got up in time for a quick swim and lunch... lovely!!! we were at Hotel Istana, i had 50% off. the buffet was not ready yet and we were chasing time, so we ordered ala-carte! yum yum, the burger below was mine!!! after that, we both said our goodbyes and monica headed home, i, went to meet up with the girls and went to Berjaya Times Square!

at Times Square, i FINALLY got my Krispy Kremes!!! ever since i heard it came to KL through Facebook status' i just had to make a trip there and it didn't dissapoint me!!! so glad i got some home, that dozen lasted me 2 days of snacks at work!!
then we headed towards Wendy's... i didn't try any cause i already had lunch at the hotel, but the others did, and sad to say, the Chilly sucked... we all agreed that the Chilly in Chillies (restaurant) is the best.. and of course in the US la... it was quite dissapointing eating at Wendy's...

then after all that food, we headed back home.... but on the way, we stopped at Tapah for toilet and fruits, our friend bought like around 5 pomelos!! so u can imagine my car was filled with people, bags and pomelos!! lol luckily not durians! pengsan!!

by the time we arrived up north, it was dinner time already, so i suggested dinner at Tambun and everyone was game for it, YIPPIE!!! as usual, i ordered my asam prawns, these spikey cockles, fish a crabs! everyone was quiet for a moment when we ate.. too hungry and too delicious!! yum yum!!

it was a lovely trip. weekend trip with the girls, good laughter, chat, and getting to know each other! i've definately feel better after that but it was quite difficult at some point as some places did bring me back to some memories. anyhow it was all good and i'm looking forward for another trip with them... maybe over-the-sea? :D

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