Thursday, February 28, 2008

lil write up by dad

Discipleship ¨C Skepticism ¨C Revelation
By Terence Reutens

These words describe briefly my journey in discipleship through Bible Study programme.

A true revelation.

Sarah and Theresa approached me after a sunset mass, in the portico of the Chapel of Saints Jacques Chastan and Laurent Imbert, and asked if I¡¯d like to be a disciple through bible study. I was skeptical. Visions of tedious and monotonous study flashed through my mind. The last time I studied the bible was back at school, St. Xavier's Institution, 45 years ago, in scripture class where the Gospel of Saint Luke was forced upon us with unrelenting verse memorizing. For me, Bible Study was just another subject and consequently I approached it the same way I would, the other subjects taught.

This time it would be the same, but on a larger scale; what with 46 Old Testament Books and 27 from the New Testament. What had I taken upon myself??

I was wrong. I soon realized it was a journey. This sojourn touched my human condition for it provided a new perspective from which to read and, in quieter moments, to listen. I now read with curiosity; asking, questioning, studying the assigned weekly passages mapped out. My personal discernment of the Bible is that it is as relevant today as when it was written. As humanity advances, it ironically finds moral, ethical and spiritual situations and dilemmas remain unchanged.

I paid attention to the form of the verse as the meaning exists not only in what was written, but also in the form in which it was written. Our group learnt of the covenant between God and his chosen people. Covenant connotes an agreement entered between two entities constantly needing re-commitment, the re-affirmation of one¡¯s faith. Of Galatians ¨C the pivotal letter setting out the fundamental difference between living by the law and living by Faith.

We allowed the scriptures to speak to us, constantly asking the Holy Spirit help us understand eternal and universal truths emanating from the readings.

Bible study has a collateral effect, in that it forces one, sometimes reluctantly, to be an apologist, a Christian one.

This scrupulous care to preserve the Christian message­. it forces him to face up to the elements in original Christianity which he personally finds obscure or repulsive. He is saved from the temptation to skip or slur or ignore what he finds disagreeable.

The man who yields to that temptation never progress in Christian Knowledge
C. L. Lewis ¨C Christian Apologetics"

The law of love Jesus expounded "To love one another as I love you" has profoundly changed me for therein I find my quintessential Catholic faith. It makes me unique and, like the Christian Community, set apart.

I now have to brave and reach out to those who have heard the word of God but choose not to listen and to those that hunger for the word but can't find it.

I will pour out my spirit all flesh;
And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your old men
Shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions¡±
Joel 3:1

I have seen mine. Have you, yours?

Terry Reutens

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